Rolling Mill



The company "FabrikaProkata" was created to help potential tenants find the best offers for lease of equipment, equipment and household items.

We collect, analyze and sort information about landlords to help you find the most profitable and convenient option.

We can get advice on the degree of reliability of the organization or individual who offers rental services.

Turning to us, each user gets the opportunity to make a weighted choice, based on truthful information.

Our consultants in the department of tools and equipment have practical experience with such equipment.

Specialists are able to determine whether there will be a benefit from renting equipment, or it is better to hire professionals, saving time and money.

About us

The company "Factory Prokata" employs qualified managers who have experience in the field of leasing.

We have collected all the experience of professional rental companies, so we guarantee the quality of services.

Our database contains the best offers from organizations and individuals offering rental or rental services.

Our goal is to provide accurate information that is more valuable than money.

We help to solve the problems of searching for reliable landlords.

To this end, we developed an algorithm for the search and identification of counterparties.

Passed the test, and received positive reviews, rolling companies are positioned by us as reliable, as evidenced by a special mark in their profile.