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Hire and rental of tools and special equipment


Rent and rental of tools and special equipment at the FabrikaProkata service a favorable offer from the owners

Construction and installation work involves the use of various tools and equipment.

Because brigades and private craftsmen have a lot in their arsenal.

Professional repairmen often have to use their devices.

However, it is not possible to purchase all the necessary equipment.

This is due to several reasons, among them:

  • a large list of items;
  • the variety of tasks that have to be addressed;
  • need for big expenses.

The way out is renting tools and special equipment.

In this case, you can get the right product for temporary use.

It can be a tool, installation, machine and other equipment.

Hire opens up additional opportunities for owners, as there are many who want to rent a tool.

Tools and equipment

FabrikaProkataa is a service where tenants and owners are registered.

You have the opportunity to submit a rental ad and find a person who will respond to it.

There is a chance to conclude a profitable deal that everyone will benefit from.

You can rent or lease the following:

  • hand or electric tool;
  • automotive tool;
  • aerial platforms;
  • concrete, welding, high-rise, storage and climatic equipment;
  • diamond drills;
  • drilling equipment;
  • generators;
  • compressors;
  • pumps;
  • measuring, heating and ventilation devices;
  • lighting;
  • reinforcing tool;
  • fences;
  • formwork systems;
  • steam generators;
  • tile cutters, stone cutters;
  • grinders;
  • garden equipment;
  • tractors, loaders, cranes;
  • cleaning equipment;
  • soil compactors;
  • surface cleaning equipment;
  • storage containers;
  • demolition tools
  • and more.


When you need any tool, equipment or technique, it is better to give preference to rental.

In this case, you can get the goods for temporary use, significantly reducing costs.

The rental of tools and special equipment is profitable from a financial and practical point of view.

For construction and repair work, you may need a tower, hand or electric tool and much more.

Generators, vibrators, grinders are useful for concrete.

You can rent equipment that is suitable for the task you need.

Decide what you specifically need and find it in the “Rental Factory.


Owners of tools and equipment often find themselves in a situation where these devices and devices are simply idle.

This situation can be corrected by renting them out.

It is enough to register on the FabrikaProkat service and submit the corresponding announcement.

With the goods in demand, you will find someone who wants to rent them.

Turn the tool into a source of income.

Help desk help

Service support specialists are professional distributors who understand the features of equipment and tools.

They will advise on the choice of a particular item, and also answer questions of interest.

A support service helps tenants and equipment owners.

Thanks to the qualified help of service specialists, you can solve your question.

“FabrikaProkataa" does everything possible so that people can donate and receive the right tool.