Rolling Mill


To ensure the security of the transaction, we have developed a whole range of measures.

Some of them can be used by each participant of the shering operations.

There are ways available if there are certain conditions, status.

For example: such a means of ensuring liability as a pledge, can be applied to any tenant.

Receiving a thing for hire, the client leaves an amount in the amount of 10 to 50% of its value.

The deposit is returned after the object of the lease was accepted by the owner without any claims.

Guarantee of guarantors is a convenient way of ensuring material liability, but not for everyone.

They can be used by tenants, for whom persons who have a positive history of using our service are ready to vouch.

Holding funds on a bank card is a method of ensuring material liability that can be used by account holders at a bank.

When concluding a lease agreement, the amount necessary for the collateral is frozen on the account.

After the return of the item from the rental, the restriction on the use of the frozen amount is withdrawn.

We select a mutually beneficial option for both parties.

We will not be unfounded to say that 100% guarantee the security of transactions.

This is impossible in principle, even if competitors claim otherwise.

Our task is to reduce your risks to a minimum.