Rolling Mill

Payment and delivery

"FabrikaProkata" is a service for people.

We do everything to make it as easy to use as possible.

For example: payment for services can be made the most convenient way from several available options.

If you prefer to pay for services via electronic payment systems, our service will accept transfers from YandexDeneg, WebMani and Kiwi purses.

You can pay in this way renting any item: from clothes to a rented apartment.

For holders of plastic cards, it is possible to pay for services by bank transfer.

This is the most convenient method of payment, which has many advantages, from accounting to security.

If you prefer to pay in cash, you can make such a payment at the office of the company "FabrikaProkata".

With this form of payment, a fiscal check is necessarily issued to the client.

Please keep it until the end of the transaction.

Whatever method of payment you choose, we will do our best to make it convenient for you to use our service.

We guarantee the maximum protection of your personal data and information about the transactions conducted.


If delivery is required, we advise you to clarify the subject immediately.

If the owner of a thing can deliver it, find out if this is included in the rental price.

It is possible that you need to pay extra for this additional service.

It is better to clarify all details of the transaction at once.

Perhaps the landlord can not deliver the ordered item.

This is not part of his duties.

In this case, you need to consider how you will take the item.

It is especially important to find out this detail if the thing is bulky or heavy.