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Diamond drilling rental


Rent a diamond drilling installation on the FabrikaProkata server a profitable offer from the owners

Diamond drilling equipment is widespread.

These settings allow you to do complex work.

With their help, you can create perfectly even holes in concrete, stone, brick, granite.

At the same time, during drilling, there is no load on the supporting structures.

Drilling is carried out with a high degree of accuracy, and a low level of vibration eliminates the risk of damage to materials.

Diamond drilling rental is a common service that construction crews and private craftsmen resort to.

Such equipment will be useful in individual construction.

Some owners of these plants are willing to rent them.

This becomes a good way to earn money, because the equipment does not stand idle, but generates income.


Renting a diamond drilling rig is a great opportunity to obtain or provide quality equipment for temporary use.

Among the advantages of diamond drilling are the following points:

  • high performance;
  • reduce vibration, noise;
  • work with a minimum amount of dirt and debris;
  • Efficiency in working with complex surfaces;
  • creating neat holes in walls and ceilings;
  • quick installation of pipelines, air conditioners and other equipment.

Such installations are noticeably superior to perforators and jackhammers, which can cause damage to some structures.

Diamond drilling is usually water-cooled.

This method is considered traditional and is used much more often than dry.

Water not only cools the drill, but also removes dust and slag generated during drilling.

For dry drilling, the hole diameter must be at least 200 mm.

The choice of a specific method depends on the features of the object and the tasks that you need to solve.

Drilling with a diamond drill is possible not only in vertical and horizontal planes, but also at an angle.

This gives great advantages when creating holes for the installation of communications.


Renting a diamond drill on the FabrikaProkata website is a great opportunity for equipment owners and those who wish to rent it.

If you have such an installation, you can submit the appropriate announcement.

A person who needs a diamond drill is able to get interested in your offer.

As a result, the owner and tenant find each other and both sides benefit.

If you need such an installation to perform certain tasks, it is better to choose a rental.

Buying construction equipment is far from always advisable.

This leads to high costs due to its high cost.

Therefore, when diamond drilling of concrete is required, renting such an installation will be the most justified step.

This is also true when working with other durable materials.

For all questions regarding the rental or rental of equipment, please contact support.

Experts with extensive experience in this field will provide you with expert assistance.