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Solving the issue of cleaning the surface of stone, glass, concrete, metal and other materials leads to the need to use special equipment.

Its acquisition results in additional costs.

Moreover, the appropriateness of such a purchase raises questions, since you will not use such a technique on an ongoing basis.

A more reasonable option is to rent, in which you get the right equipment for temporary use.

For cleaning surfaces are particularly relevant:

  • sandblasting machine;
  • milling machine;
  • shot blasting machine.

Features, Benefits and Applications

You will need to rent a sandblasting machine in those cases when you need to process a product of stone, glass or metal.

In this case, the surface is treated with sand or a special powder.

Using sandblasting, you can easily remove rust or a layer of old paint.

Such a device will allow you to clean the external walls of the house, prepare any surface for painting.

This equipment will be an excellent tool for the restoration of car wheels.

Sandblasting is good for engraving in glass. The machine will help refresh old surfaces, giving them a more aesthetic appearance.

This is an excellent technique to perform the necessary processing.

Rent a shot blasting machine will be relevant for the processing of metal and concrete.

Such equipment accelerates the shot to huge speeds, and then feeds it to the surface of the material.

As a result of this treatment, the top layer is removed from metal or concrete.

In this case, the shot can be made of glass, electrocorundum, ceramic, plastic, cast iron, aluminum or steel.

It is important that the abrasive used is not inferior in terms of strength to the material of the surface to be treated.

Shot blasting allows you to achieve the effect of a rough or dull surface.

At the same time, its structure changes. Using the machine you can protect the product from dirt, paint and plaque.

For grinding concrete, an excellent choice would be to rent a milling machine.

It will be needed when leveling the surface, removing the top layer or old coating, removing tiles or linoleum.

The machine allows you to quickly get an even plane.

At the same time, working with the device is quite easy and comfortable.

After processing the concrete surface, you will not need to apply another layer of screed.

Profitable rent

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After that, an interested person will contact you.

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